Monday, November 21, 2011

Half Time

I'm officially part time at work now (which is REALLY weird). I can't remember the last time I willingly had part time hours. I feel like every time I've had less than forty hours, I was constantly hassling whatever boss I had for more time.

It needed to happen though, for the twins sake, as well as mine. I want my pretty girls to incubate for as long as possible, and, evidentially, we were all ready for it. Guess what I did on my first afternoon at home. Cook? Nope! Picked up lunch from the grocery store. Organize baby stuff? Nope! Haven't even set foot in their room today. Cleaned the home?... As if!

My first act as a lazy person -AHEM- I mean, woman-pregnant-with-twins-in-her-third-trimester, was to take a two hour nap on the couch with the cat. Something that NEVER would have happened pre-pregnancy, but I am hosting two parasites and, clearly no longer have control over my body. Oh, well. I'll get my revenge when the girls are old enough to do the dishes. :-)

In case I don't post again before the week is over: Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Getting To Know You (or me, actually)

In case anyone I don't know happens to read this: I am currently 6 months (and some change) pregnant with twin girls.  I also fluctuate with how I feel about being pregnant (most of the time it's not very positive). I've come to terms with the fact that I currently hate any woman who loves being pregnant (mainly out of jealousy).

Anyhoo, enough about the bitter woman that has replaced Emily.  The point of this post to share something I DO like about pregnancy (don't get too excited, it's nothing earth shattering).  My cute, little, girly parasites have developed this new trick that I call "The Whale".  All it consists of is the girls starting on one side of my belly and rolling their way across to the other side.  It feels like a whale cresting out the ocean.  I don't mean the big jumping out and slamming back in thing that they always seem to be doing on the Discovery Channel (OUCH!), I mean more the gentle peak of the spine curving above the waves.

Either that or it feels like the inside of my belly is a lake and some kid is skipping rocks over the top.  Either way, it's kind of a cool feeling and somehow manages to tickle at the same time.  It is a pretty cool part of hauling two little soon-to-be people around.


Ha!  I finally did it!!  I finally caved into the joint peer pressure of my mother and husband and started a blog (and really, with that combination, did I ever stand a chance of resisting?)