Monday, March 12, 2012


I am happy to announce that as of today my beautiful girls are six weeks old!
 Not that anything has really changed with them turning six weeks, but it seems like as good an occasion as any to start blogging again. 

We went to the beach over the weekend and the weather was HORRIBLE, but that's the Oregon coast for you.  It was still wonderful to spend time just the four of us and for me to not be mentally obsessing over laundry and dishes and all the stupid stuff that I feel stressed compelled to do when I'm at home (also, the house we were staying in had cable. Can you say "Food Network"?!?). 

I have to say I do miss sleeping... SO MUCH!  I keep reminding myself that this will only last for so long, but I'm very selfish about the little sleep I can get.  I'm a better mom when I have some sleep.  I have more patience, I play more. I'm so much better at this job that I am okay with doing what I need to do to get as much sleep as I can during the night especially since napping during the day doesn't really happen.

 The first six weeks have gone by so fast, I hope the next six weeks go by just as quickly (I can't wait for the girls to be three months old and to be back in my age comfort zone).

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