Monday, April 23, 2012



I don't... Why can't.... I just need... *Slam head into wall*

Yeah, so naps are going great! (Where is that sarcasm button when I need it?)

We were doing so well okay with naps for a while and now I am lucky if I get them down for 30 minutes which would totally fine if they weren't the biggest crank monsters in the world when they woke up.  For Haley to be a happy girl, she needs at least an hour.  And let me tell you, Miss Thing WILL NOT EAT if she is sleepy/cranky.  Which then leads into meltdown city until she either passes out for two+ hours or eats like a gabillion ounces.  I think it's safe to say that I do not like meltdown city.

Hazel, on the other hand, can rock the 30 - 45 minute nap and wake up happy and cooing and looking at me like, come on, mom, let's play!  Until I put her down and then we're in fussy ville (I don't really care for fussy ville either).

So, we play this stinker nap game until I feel like my brain is going to explode and then I throw them in the stroller and we go for an hour walk and they sleep (and yes, they do wake up as soon as we get back inside, thanks for asking).

My inner debate is do I start a gentle method of sleep training?  Are they starting to start to teethe and that is what is making me want to pull out my just-cut hair? If I just wait this out will they revert back to "normal"?  Why don't twins come with an instruction manual?  Or a Rosey? You know, the robot on the Jetsons? 

I NEED a Rosey!  Early birthday present, people!  Lets make this happen!

I will try and post cute pictures tomorrow.  I know there's no fun in reading a twin blog if it doesn't have pictures.

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  1. It will get easier, I promise!
    Just keep being you, like you said in your other post... God never gives your more than you can handle! My normal come back is that I wish he didn't trust me so damn much BUT he will help you through it. I'm not a churchy goer or a big religion person but I do believe there is something out there that is helping us and that they do guide and direct us as needed. Keep you're chin up sweetie, you are an amazing mommy!