Sunday, April 22, 2012


*So embarressed by my typo.  The woman who writes the blog I mentioned is named Julia.*

There's a blog I follow about a mom who has two-year-old twin girls. I started following her during my pregnancy and I find a lot of comfort and inspiration in her posts.  Julia does this thing were she lists what she is thankful for.  Her initial goal was 1,000 things, but she has gone past that number.  I find in the days that I am most frustrated with the girls/myself/my husband/our tiny apartment/the world that I desperately need to remember the things I should be thankful for.  (these are in no particular order of importance)

1. infant sundresses

2. cherry blossoms

3. the freedom of running

4. my baby sling

5. that the girls only wake up twice at night (instead of the four times they use to do)

6. coffee with a teaspoon of raw sugar and a guzzle of vanilla almond milk

7. overhearing mass today as I jogged passed the catholic church

8. midnight cuddles with the cat

9. having two bumbos

10. spring

Haley at 11 weeks old

Hazel at 11 weeks old


  1. I like this!! I used to do these a lot and I completely forgot about them! After the crazy-ness of the day I really TRULY appreciate the reminder about them!
    You're awesome! :-)